Poly Lawn Furniture

Locally BuiltPoly Vinyl Lawn Furniture?

Poly Vinyl Lawn Furniture
Poly Lawn Furniture On Display At MidWest Storage Barns

Why Buy Poly Lawn Furniture?

There is virtually NO maintenance with Poly Lawn Furniture. No painting, rewebbing, or staining of any kind. Poly Vinyl will not splinter, crack or fade. Each piece of furniture is hand made and well built. Under normal circumstance this furniture should last for many years.

Poly Vinyl Reclining Chairs
Poly Reclining Chairs
Poly Vinyl Lawn Furniture Colors
Poly Lawn Furniture Comes In 16 Different Colors

See Our Selection Of:

Arm Chairs
Reclining Chairs
Folding Chairs
Rocking Chairs

Picnic Tables
Swivel Bar Chairs
Swivel Arm Chairs
Gliding Ottoman
Park Benches
Cup Holder

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2' Adirondack Glider$274.00
4' Adirondack Glider$404.00
5' Adirondack Glider$529.00
5' Adirondack Glider
w/Center Console
2' Adirondack Arm Chair$190.00
4' Adirondack Swing$267.00
5' Adirondack Swing$383.00
Adirondack Gliding Settee$595.00
Adirondack Reclining Chair$275.00
Adirondack Folding Chair$197.00
Adirondack Rocking Chair$196.00
Accent Table$72.00
Round Accent Table$99.00
Coffee Table$133.00
40" Sq. Bar Table (bar ht.)$483.00
44' Sq. Patio Table (dining ht.)$399.00
42" x 72" Patio Table$560.00
42" x 72" Patio Table w/Border
(six chairs)
Octagon Picnic Table$938.00
48" Round Table (maximum size)$420.00
6' Rectangle Picnic Table$623.00
Swivel Bar Chair$280.00
Swivel Arm Chair (for patio table)$259.00
Standard Arm Chair (for patio table)$189.00
2' Classic Glider$319.00
4' Classic Glider$484.00
5' Classic Glider$579.00
4' Classic Swing$373.00
5' Classic Swing$427.00
Gliding Ottoman$119.00
4' Park Bench$266.00
Cup Holder$25.00